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  Anton Keller, Secretary

July 24, 2002

His Excellency, The Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

re: 2003 Lausanne Treaty seminar

Your Excellency,

Today, 79 years ago, besides your own predecessor, the foreign ministers or plenipotentiaries of the other signatory and observer countries (British Empire, France, Italy, Japan, Greece, Romania, Serb-Croate-Slovene State and Turkey, as well as Germany, Russia and the United States) concluded the formal wrap up of the Ottoman Empire breakup with the Lausanne Treaty of 24 July 1923.  Having failed to provide adequate and lasting answers to the special conditions and legitimate aspirations of the people concerned, the current generations appear to be entitled to revisit the roots, evolution and results of this particular treaty.

With a view to explore further opportunities to advance on the path towards a regionally stabilizing, ethnically balanced and economically viable settlement of outstanding issues in the Middle East by drawing inspiration notably from the minority protection clauses of the Lausanne Treaty ( and of subsequent instruments of international public law (, duly elected representatives of Iraq's Arab, Assyrian, Kurdish and Turcoman communities are thus proposing to hold a commemorative seminar or forum next year, with the agenda, place and time to be decided at a preparatory meeting to be held at an early date at a suitable venue.  Having been requested to assist in the organization of this meeting, it is our privilege to invite you to express your views on this proposal and, in the event, to consider taking an active role in this matter in line with your country's foreign affairs traditions and policy objectives.

Trusting this communication to receive your benevolent attention and to elicit your prompt response, we take this opportunity to assure Your Excellency of our highest consideration and remain, sincerely yours,

Anton Keller, Secretary
Good Offices Group of European Lawmakers

"Commemorative 2003 Lausanne Treaty Seminar - Preparatory Meeting" (.../partypres.htm)