ekurd.net   August 16, 2011

Dear comrade-in-arms Massoud Barzani,

It's late in the day. Naked emperors only fool themselves and better get dressed.
For new light is overcoming darkness, and new horizons have come into sight.
The Peter Principle says that everybody rises to the level of his incompetence.
Wise men stop before, and they know when it's time for change.
I don't belong to that club, and so I continue laboring and hoping against big odds.
But you, Massoud, you've achieved so much on this track in Saddam's shadow.
Just think of your belated fixing of the phone lines between Sulemani and Erbil.
Changing gear would thus harm nobody, do a world of good, and be in order.
In fact - while you can - spending the capital accumulated in the past 20 years
would be a real godsend for the common good of all concerned - if done wisely.
And, in this wider perspective, bringing to fruition notably your political capital
would at least add a positive footnote to the obligeing Barzani legacy.

Wolfgang Goethe wrote in his Faust: "Du gleichst dem Geist den Du begreifst"
(which roughly translates into: you resemble the spirit which you comprehend).
So maybe - just maybe - you could still repair and fill the big shoes you inherited.
By seriously addressing the unresolved murder, kidnapping and other crimes
which hinder Iraqi society's reconciliation, cooperation and development,
as detailed in "Three keys to stability in the Middle East" (re: Sarwar Salar, etc.).
By recognising real friends, instead of hijacking and jeopardizing their works.
By hammering in the nails without green lights, foreign orders and yes-men.
And by pursuing some long-held cherished dreams on more promising roads
which, as Antonio Machado famously reminded us, are "made by the traveler".
As suggested in "Oh Mother Kurdistan!", e.g. by way of the Mosul Vilayet Senate.
The door is open for all who recognise themselves for what they are in reality.
So stop worrying about loosing traction and start thinking about a win-win future.

Happy 65th birthday, happy retirement on higher altitudes!

Anton Keller, comrade-in-arms against Saddam

PS: As some communications to you have failed to draw the courtesy of a reply - and may continue to be held back from your personal attention - this birthday note, and my obituary for your esteemed mother as my way of expressing condolences to your venerated family, are being sent to you on hopefully more effective channels, including public ones (e.g. ekurd.net. Awene).

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