Problem 1 + Problem 2 = Mesyria

Syria Genesis
Map of the states under the French Mandate (1921-22) source: Wikipedia

Wikipedia lists the following states to have originally formed the Mandate territory: Greater Lebanon, State of Alawites, State of Jabal Druze, State of Aleppo, State of Damascus, Sanjak of Alexandretta, Al-Jazira province, and Golan Region. It quotes 2007 Syrian state sources for the following:

"The population of Syria is 74% Sunni, 12% Alawi, 10% Christian, and 3% Druze. Combined, some 90% of the Syrian population is Muslim, while the other 10% is Christian, which includes mainly Arab Christians but also Assyrians and Armenians. Major ethnic minorities in Syria include Kurds (9%), Assyrians, Armenians, Turkmens and Circassians. The majority of the population is Arab (90%)."
Kurdistan Regional Government control objectives

SOURCE: Staff reports | By Mary Kate Cannistra |  The Washington Post - November 23, 2008