Hay Alwozarah - Arbil, Mosul Vilayet

J.A.Keller, Representative
box 2580 - CH 1211 Geneva 2
fax: 4122-7400362

December 4, 1992

Appeal for complementary humanitarian measures

Dear Mister President,

I am mandated to transmit this urgent Red Cross appeal to you - and to the responsible authorities by way of your good offices. Several million people in the embargoed but non-government-controlled part of Northern Iraq are presently at risk to freeze to death this winter, according to the interim report which Max van der Stoel, Special Rapporteur on Iraq, submitted to the Security Council (see enclosed extract). Failure to develop and implement appropriate alternatives to the present dependence on Baghdad to fulfil its latest paper obligations would not be seen to be in line with Western humanitarian traditions.

Accordingly, the leaders of the tribes, the health services and the teachers of that area have set up, and registered in Arbil a Baghdad-independent Red Cross Society. I have been asked to organize the external realization of the following key programmes:

In order to give life to this life-saving emergency programme, I am honored to solicit your personal support and shall naturally be glad to answer all further questions. Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to assure you of my highest considerations and extend my warmest Season's Greeting to you, your family and your people.


enclosures: mandate; A/47/367/Add.1

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Hay Alwozarah - Arbil, Mosul Vilayet

J.A.Keller, Representative
box 2580 - CH 1211 Geneva 2
22 December 1992

Mme Amanda Harding
Paris 331-47558181 f:88

re: Baghdad- and UN-independent effective relief operations
    in non-government-controlled Northern Iraq

Dear Madame,

     You were right about the NGO meeting held in Geneva under an attractive title: it did not produce more than an intellectually stimulating exchange of views.

     With the situation in Northern Iraq what it is, and your plans for providing some effective punctual relief apparently also delayed, I suggest you to consider joining us for an informal open-end meeting on New Year's eve in St.Moritz, at the Suvretta Hotel. There, around the theme of "guests of St.Moritz take charge", a group of art-loving, humanitarian citizens of this world are scheduled to discuss alternative and traditional methods and means for providing effective prompt relief to, notably, the Assyrians, the Kurds and the Turkomans of the liberated part of the Mosul Vilayet. The focal point of their attraction - and relief contributions - will be Andy Warhol's last masterpiece "The Last Supper", which 2x11m re-interpretation of Leoardo da Vinci's last supper is intended to be bought and given as a gift to the United Nations on the occasion of the UN Year of Indigenous Peoples (to be exhibited permanently at the UN in Geneva in the Assembly lobby, E building).

     Trusting this to be of interest to you, too, I am looking forward to meeting you then and there - and to get serious about organizing the airlift of survival goods to Arbil and Suleymania with the help of imaginative humanitarian aid officials, airforce members, government officials and other public and private enterpreneurial human beings who happen to be there or who will have made the extra effort to participate in our emergency operation designed to keep untold numbers of victims of the Iraqi government - and of the persistent UN fumblings - from freezing to death this winter.

    Sincerely yours, and all the best for Christmas and the New Year,


cc:  Senator Nimrod; Senator John Glenn; Alain Michel; Senator Nunn;
     Lord Ennals; The Hon. Emma Nicholsen; Lord Kennet;
     Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan; B.Bischofberger, etc.

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Hay Alwozarah - Arbil, Mosul Vilayet

J.A.Keller, Representative
box 2580 - CH 1211 Geneva 2

 25 December 1992

ICRC Delegation
Tel Aviv fax: 9723-5270370
re: 400 expelled Palestinans in Southern Lebanon

Dear Sirs,

This is to present my compliments and, at the suggestion of the ICRC in Geneva, to avail myself of your good offices for transmitting the following good offices offer to the Israeli, Lebanese and Palestinian Red Cross/Crescent organizations and, in the event, to other interested parties.

The Red Cross of the Mosul Vilayet (Northern Iraq), through its Plenipotentiary in Geneva, is prepared to immediately arrange for the temporary accomodation for the presently stranded Palestinians in Southern Lebanon in the liberated part of the Mosul Vilayet for humanitarian reasons and, in the event, to cooperate with the Allied, UN, Red Cross and humanitarian organizations concerned in order to effectively provide for the prompt and secure airlift, reception and stay of these expelled and widely rejected human beings in line with the universally valid principles enshrined in the applicable conventions, treaties and declarations.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt cooperation, I take this opportunity to assure you of my highest considerations and extend my best New Year's wishes to you.

Sincerely yours,


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International Committee of the Red Cross
19, avenue de la Paix
Tél. 022 734 60 01 Telex 414226 Fax 022 733 20 57

DATE : 29.12.92
No   : DDM/JUR 92/2037/MSA/jr           7 PAGES including this page


TO : Telecopy No 3117970

  Mr. J.A. Keller  Geneva


Dear Sir,

This is to confirm our telephone conversation of today. Considering the different humanitarian initiatives you take in the name of the "Mossul Vilayet Red Cross", in particular in recent days concerning the fate of the Palestinian deportees deported into an area between Israeli controlled and Lebanese controlled Lebanese territory, we would like to ask you formally not to use the name of the "red cross" (or "red crescent"). Such a misuse of the name of the red cross creates confusion, endangers our negotiations with the parties concerned and therefore risks to prolong the suffering of the victims concerned. Furthermore, legally, the emblem or the name of the red cross (or the red crescent) may only be employed by the States Party to the Geneva Conventions to indicate medical units and establishments, by National Red Cross Societies duly recognised by the ICRC, ... and by the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (cf. art. 44 of the First Geneva Convention, annex 1). As a representative of the "Mossul Vilayet Red Cross" you may therefore not use the name of the Red Cross. The Geneva Conventions furthermore oblige all States Parties to pass legislation necessary to prevent and repress such misuses of the red cross (cf. art. 53 and 54 of the First Convention, annex 2). Switzerland, from where you act, has passed such legislation by the "loi fédérale concernant la protection de l'emblème et du nom de la Croix-Rouge" of 25 March 1954 (annex 3). Art. 8 of that law punishes those who misuse the name of the red cross in the way you do with imprisonment or fine.

While we express our full respect for humanitarian activities of your organisation, we hope that these explanations spare us and you further legal steps.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Marco Sassoli Legal Adviser for the Middle East

 *          *          *

Editor's Note

Granted, there is good reason for the texts Dr. Sassoli was asked to play up. Granted every private initiative risks to succede before established apparatus rev up. Which can explain the intense unhappiness of some officials who may see themselves as gardians if not of the Holy Grail then of some monopoly in humanitarian affairs. That is what happened in the Falklands/Malvinas conflict, the hostage affairs in Teheran, Kuwait/Baghdad and, most recently again, in Afghanistan and Peru. What is less understandable, what is saddening and less than acceptable - and what the public and their elected representatives grow less and less tolerant about with correspondingly reduced willingness to support solidarity projects - is that the real objectives of all humanitarian efforts thus become overshadowed, if not jeopardized, by petty turf objectives, with the victims additionally victimized at the hands of their purported saviors. That's what happened with our initiative for helping some Palestinian deportees, with our St.Moritz meeting and with related efforts. They were all brought to nought, not least with penal threats against the organizers who were taken by surprise by the long arms of some purported monopoly holders and their allies in many quarters. In a noted silent protest, a one-to-one reproduction of Andy Warhol's "Last Supper" was thus exhibited prominently over the frozen Lake of St.Moritz during January 1993 - as a silent message for the well-fed to be remined of their less fortunate fellow human beings.

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MEMO  3.Januar 1993

an:     Herren Nationalräte P.Couchepin, F.Steinegger, H.Weder

von:  J.Anton Keller, Beauftragter des Mosul Vilayet Red Cross,
           Postfach 2580, 1211 Genf 2 (zZ: 01-2120563)

re:      Transport von Winterhilfsgütern der Armee nach Nordirak

Entgegen den klaren Zusagen des Vertreters des Katastrophen-Hilfskorps fand die Sitzung zur gemeinsamen Ueberprüfung der einschlägigen Transportfragen (von den 6 Zeughäusern zum Abholflughafen Basel, und von dort nach Arbil) bisher nicht statt; die einschlägigen EDA-Stellen und das Schweiz. Rote Kreuz scheinen sich sogar aktiv querzulegen. All dies nicht aus Gründen welche der unbestreitbaren Notlage entsprechen, sondern wegen formeller Bedenken und zufolge eines schwerverständlichen Monopolanspruchs.

Demgegenüber hat Herr Bundesrat Villiger's Sachbearbeiter, Herr Loretan (031-675077), zuvorkommende Bereitschaft bekundet, beim innerschweizerischen Materialzusammenzug und Transport behilflich zu sein, und gegebenenfalls auch bezüglich der Kosten von Fr.12000 für die ca.30t Ueberschussmaterial von den bestehenden EMD-Kompetenzen Gebrauch zu machen (zB. wenn sich interessierte Parlamentarier dafür einsetzen würden). Für den für Mitte Januar vorgesehenen Charterflug habe ich zwei sehr günstige Offerten erhalten: Zimex Aviation (Zollikon) Fr.58'500; Berline (Berlin) DM 59'800. Für diese Posten und weitere Programmpunkte (zB. Handwärmer der Genfer Firma Ernest Mayor SA: Fr.505'500; 100'000 Wolldecken der Firma Eskimo Textil AG in Turbenthal: Fr.950'000) fehlen aber noch weiterhin die festen Finanzierungszusagen. Die Wolldeckenlieferung allein würde voraussichtlich sechs weitere Flüge auslasten. Der Kapitalbedarf für dieses Soforthilfeprogramm, inkl, administrative Aufwendungen, beläuft sich demnach auf rund zwei Millionen Franken, und ich ersuche Sie höflich um entsprechende dringende Fürsprache insbesondere bei den Herren Bundesräten Villiger, Felber und Stich. Ich werde mir erlauben, Sie in den nächsten Tagen dazu telephonisch anzusprechen.

Inzwischen habe ich mich auch an einer einschlägigen Solidaritäts-Aktion in St.Moritz beteiligt, welche zugunsten der vertriebenen Völker und der Opfer des Krieges im ehemaligen Yugoslawien im Rahmen des UNO-Jahres der Eingeborenen Völker und in Verbindung mit dem eindrücklichen Leonardo da Vinci/Andy Warhol Meisterwerk "The Last Supper" zu Jahresbeginn erfolgte. Bei einer Rückfrage durch eine SDA-Sachbearbeiterin (Frau Santschi, 031-243333) wurde ich auch nach dem Hintergrund des Winterhilfprogramms für die Bewohner des Mosul Vilayet (Nordirak) befragt. Ich erlaubte mir dabei auf die bereits im Nationalrat dazu erfolgte Einfache Anfrage Weder, sowie auf die Unterstützung einschlägiger Bemühungen durch weitere Parlamentarier hinzuweisen, wobei ich als Beispiele die Herren Nationalräte Couchepin und Steinegger namentlich erwähnte. Ich hoffe gerne, Ihnen damit dienlich gewesen zu sein, und dass dieser Hinweis gegebenenfalls bei Rückfragen Ihre Bestätigung finden und jedenfalls in Ihrem Sinne in der Oeffentlichkeit zum Ausdruck kommen wird.

Inzwischen verbleibe ich, mit besten Wünschen zum Neuen Jahr, Ihr

Anton Keller

Beilagen: BAZ 21.12; EDA 21.12.92;
MVRC-ICRC 25.12.92; Press release 1.1.93.

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J.A.Keller, Secretary
POB 2580 - 1211 Geneva 2
fax: 4122-3117970, 411-2120563

Zurich, 6 January 1993

Dear Sir,

I appreciate your cordial reception and de-briefing on my way back on November 11, and wonder about the present and foreseeable relief situation, particularly the transport conditions and the readiness of the Arbil, Harire and Suleymania air fields for accomodating emergency relief flights.

Having studied in particular the food and fuel supply situation during my six-weeks stay in Arbil, I have obtained from the Swiss Army and private suppliers offers of various materiel intended to protect against cold and freezing (115'000 head covers, 26'500 gloves, 175'000 woolen scarfs, 100'000 woolen covers, sleeping bags and 17'000 pocket warmers fueled with carbon sticks for two months). Beyond these immediately available supplies, I am confident to be able to arrange for other needed items in quantity, but am not sure whether any of these supplies are really still needed in light of the apparent arrival of the long-delayed UN relief convoys and other deliveries by other governmental and NGO organizations.

If you feel additional supplies of said nature to be still - and urgently at that - needed, I would much appreciate and expect you to send me, by return fax, the best available data on:

a)  Arbil, Harire and Suleymania air fields (sketches; visual approach landing charts; MDB, ILS and other facilities available; runway conditions and lengths; etc.).

b)  Availability of air transport capacities from allied powers for transporting some 200t and 1000m3 winter protection materiel eventually provided from Swiss Army and private Swiss sources from Basel to Arbil/Suleymania.

c)  Contact tel and fax and codes for entry clearance and, if possible, AWACS guidance to be duly arranged with Swiss charter airline.

d)  Need to set up medical and humanitarian air links to and between notably said air fields, as planned by the Mosul Vilayet Red Cross, on the basis of helicopters and PC Porters eventually lent for those purposes by Swiss firms. ...

Trusting this to receive your urgent attention, I am looking forward to your up-to-date info, while extending my warmest New Years greetings and wishes to you. Sincerely yours,


ccc: Senator John Nimrod
     Lord Ennals

Hay Alwozarah - Arbil, Mosul Vilayet

Permanet Representative to the United Nations
box 2580 - CH 1211 Geneva 2
fax: 4122-3117970
t+f: 01-2120563
Zurich, 10 January 1993

H.E. Shimon PERES, Foreign Minister
c/o Israeli Mission to the UN in Geneva
re: 413 temporarily expelled Palestinians in Southern Lebanon

Your Excellency,

This is to present my compliments and to reiterate the offer of Good Offices in the above matter which I previously had the honor to transmit notably to the Israeli Red Cross by way of the ICRC in my capacity as Representative of the Mosul Vilayet Red Cross but which, so far, only drew a critical note from the ICRC which objected to my "different humanitarian initiatives ... concerning the fate of the Palestinian deportees deported into an area between Israeli controlled and Lebanese controlled Lebanese territory" to constitute an "abuse of the name of the red cross" which "creates confusion, endangers our negotiations with the parties concerned and therefore risks to prolong the suffering of the victims concerned." Obviously, the latter have not been the intended effects. Therefore, I may be permitted to offer the following clarifications.

1.   The Mosul Vilayet Red Cross has been formally set up and put to work by representatives of the inhabitants of the liberated part of the Mosul Vilayet (Northern Iraq) on 9 November 1992 in Arbil. It was registered on that day at the General Registry of the Mosul Vilayet, is being organized by university, health, tribal and other leaders and enjoys the support of the local authorities. It subscribes to the Geneva Red Cross Conventions, notably, and, with the full backing of the Mosul Vilayet Council as that area's supreme authority, is seen to be covered by art.26 of the First Convention. As such it may cooperate with other Red Cross Societies.

2.   My letter of accreditation and other related documents has been presented to the ICRC upon my return from Arbil in November; giving me full powers, it is signed by its key officials of which Sheik Salar Hasan Al-Hafeed, Mohammad Mahmood Harony (Jaf Tribe), Najim Omar Khedher Al-Sourchi and Mohammad Sidik Mahmoud (Secretary) are also leading personalities of the governing Mosul Vilayet Council. The offer of 25 December may thus be considered promptly.

3.   Assuming the proposed offer for a humanitarian interim accomodation of the Palestinians concerned to be of interest to the Israeli authorities, I suggest the above experience with the ICRC to be taken into account, i.e. to communicate directly either on the level of the involved Red Cross societies or on that of the involved governmental organizations.

I take this opportunity to assure Your Excellency of my highest considerations, and send my best New Year's wishes. Truly yours,

Special Representative to the UN
of the Mosul Vilayet Council


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J.A.Keller, Secretary
POB 2580 - 1211 Geneva 2
fax: 4122-3117970, 411-2120563

Zurich, 11 January 1993

Private Secretary
10 Downing Street
London fax: 9301419
re: proposed course of actions at the UN concerning Iraq

Dear Mr.Wall,

I wished you were right, as you put it in your letter of 21 December, "should it prove necessary to fly essential supplies in, the UN are also prepared to look at this option." Unfortunately, there is simply no such contingency planning under way at the moment - if my sources at the Special Unit for Iraq in Geneva are correct. And it is left entirely to the Allies to prepare the ground for related emergencies, which is what I understand they have actually done in the last two months, according to Col.Robert Young (U.S. Air Force) and Lt.Col. Chris Sanderson (British ARmy) whom I visited in Zakho at the Military Command Center of the Allies on my return from Arbil on 11 November 1992 (see my enclosed query to them which I hope will be answered shortly - perhaps with your support).

With regard to the remaining growing mess on the Iraqi front, you may find it indicated to bring the following suggestions to the attention of the proper authorities:

1.  Extension of the no-fly zones in Iraq to cover all of Iraq, and, qualitatively, to prohibit all Iraqi governmental military movements of heavy equipments and troops. (Allied actions)

2.  Activation of the Arbil and Suleymania air fields on the strength of Security Council Resolutions 687 and 688 in order to become effectively independent of the fits and whims of the Baghdad rulers and, in the event, to positively respond to the explicit invitation of the leaders of the Mosul Vilayet inhabitants of 20 October 1992,

   "to effectively help overcome the disastrous effects of the Iraqi Government's life-threatening food, fuel, ciment and salary embargo in the face of harsh climatic conditions, and to participate in the development and realization of mutually beneficial self-help and reconstruction projects which will spare the already over-burdened taxpayers in the donor countries". (Allied actions)

3.  Initiation of the procedure, at the UN General Assembly, provided for in UN General Assembly Resolution 24 (1) of 12 February 1946 (A.vol.I, 1946, p.402, 598), in order "to determine which organ of the United Nations ... should exercise each particular function or power assumed" by the League of Nations, notably under the Iraqi Declaration of 30 May 1932. (Actions by interested UN Member Governments)

4.   Limiting of embargo under SCR 661 to those areas where related Security Council resolutions cannot be applied unreservedly. Sincerely yours,

cc: Cliff, Koetsche, Nimrod, Wainwright

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Winterhilfe für Mosul Vilayet (Nordirak)
Aide hivernale pour Mossoul Vilayet (Nord de l'Irak)
Einfache Anfrage Hansjürg Weder, 92.1133, 14.Dezember 1992
Amtliche Sammlung des Nationalrats, 1993 (Bd.1, S.643)

Gemäss UNO-Bericht (A/47/367/Add.1, 13.November 1992) besteht akute Erfrierungsgefahr für Millionen von Assyrern, Kurden und Turkomanen wegen des anhaltenden doppelten Embargos. Ist der Bundesrat bereit:

1.  Soforthilfe (z.B. Ausdehnung des Suppenküchenprogramms; Transport und Direktverteilung von Armeeüberschussgütern) zu gewähren?

2.  Gute Dienste zu leisten zur Verwirklichung insbesondere der internationalen Garantien und zur Lösung der dortigen Konflikte (z.B. spezielle Reisedokumente und Gutsprache bei Swissair zugunsten der Führer des Mosul Vilayet Roten Kreuzes, des Mosul Vilayet Council und weiterer verantwortlicher Persönlichkeiten; Einrichtung eines Informationsbüros für diese Institutionen und die von ihnen vertretenen Volksgruppen in Genf usw.)?

Schriftliche Antwort des Schweizerischen Bundesrates vom 20.Januar 1993
    "Der Bundesrat ist sich der kritischen Lage der Bevölkerung im Norden Iraks sowie der ebenfalls kritischen Lage in andern Teilen dieses Landes bewusst. Der Bundesrat unterstützt ein grosses Winterhilfeprogramm zugunsten der kurdischen Bevölkerung im Norden und der schiitischen Bevölkerung im Süden über die entsprechenden spezialisierten Organisationen der UNO.

     Ausserdem verfolgt der Bundesrat, zusammen mit den vor Ort aktiven schweizerischen Hilfswerken, die Lage der Bevölkerung in den nördlichen Gebieten Iraks und unterstützt die Hilfswerke in ihren Bemühungen, verschiedene Formen der Winterhilfe zu leisten.

     Der Bundesrat hält es nicht für angebracht, spezielle Reisedokumente, Gutsprache bei Swissair usw. zugunsten der Führer des Mosul Vilayet Roten Kreuzes oder des Mosul Vilayet Council in die Wege zu leiten. Auch die Einrichtung eines Informationsbüros für diese Institutionen und die von ihnen vertretenen Volksgruppen fällt nicht in den Aufgabenbereich des Bundes. Der selbsternannte Vertreter des Mosul Vilayet Roten Kreuzes (wegen der mehrheitlich moslemischen Bevölkerung ginge es wenn überhaupt um den Roten Halbmond) kann sich jederzeit an die bestehenden Rotkreuz-/Rothalbmondinstitutionen wenden, und der Bundesrat ist bereit, entsprechende Gesuche zu prüfen."

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box 2580 1211 Geneva 2
fax: (4122) 7400362

J.A.KELLER, Secretary 11 March 1993

The Hon. Emma Nicholson
House of Commons, London
Dear Madame,

     I was gratified to see the prompt and forceful use you were able to make of the documents I sent you upon my return from the liberated part of Northern Iraq. And I much apreciate your communications of November. I found many persons who work on Iraq in- or outside of the UN to have been most receptive to and pleased with your statements in the Commons.

     I've since written again to the Prime Minister's Private Secretary and - once more - have drawn the customary evasive response from the Foreign Office. I thus decided to suspend all related efforts and instead to work (with essentially the same tools and analoguous aims) on a new front, i.e. Yugoslavia, where the FO may not be so blocked, stifled and bare of the slightest flexibility and openness to reconsider present policy. Also it may not fall within your present sphere of interest, you may like some of the principles and ideas thus enunciated - and given a push (in the event, please feel free to make whatever use you may find indicated).

     Thank you for whatever you have done on your side to keep the Mosul Vilayet issue alive. Under present circumstances I think you on the Shia front and I on my Assyrian/Kurd/Turkoman we may best succeed in these demanding endeavours with a medium-range strategy involving a lot of footwork and persistent nibbling at the worn-out policies and public apathy. I am now doing exactly that by seeking to enrooten the related aims, principles and instruments (notably the UN Trust Territory idea) in seemingly unrelated, yet suitable high-profile proxy operations. Needless to say that I'd much appreciate your comments and eventual suggestions.

     Meanwhile, I am enclosing the latest Iraqi Resolution of the UN Commission on Human Rights, together with the fine report by Mr.van der Stoel. For reasons of his own, he decided again not to make the slightest reference to the 1932 Iraq Declaration. Maybe he feels the time not to be ripe for it just yet.   With best wishes and regards, I remain, sincerely yours,


PS:     I'm writing a similar letter with identical enclosures to Lord Ennals and to Lord Kennet, but I find no reason of doing so in the case of Mr.Meacher as he apparently doesn't wish to pursue the material brought to his attention with regard to the Mosul Vilayet.

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