hier die angesagte Einladung
direkte Flugverbindung Frankfurt-Arbil besteht
bitte um umgehende Rückmeldung falls an Teilnahme interessiert
Anton Keller

PS: Sheik Salar Al Hafeed entstammt der betreffenden Königsfamilie;
er ist Gründungsmitglied und Registrar des 1992 geschaffenen
Mosul Vilayet Council (www.solami.com/mvc.htm ¦ .../UNGA.htm ¦ .../invitation.htm);
er bat mich geeignete Persönlichkeiten aus meinem Bekanntenkreis in seinem Namen

     Objet:        Sami Shoresh
       Date:        Sun, 19 Feb 2006 06:32:51 -0800 (PST)
        De:        same fatah <sameshoresh@yahoo.com>
         A:        swissbit@solami.com

     Dear :  Mr . J . A . Keller

        Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) - Ministry of culture will held a
     Commemoration Festival for the Immortal Shekh Mahmmud Al-Hafeed in Erbil, on 11
     -12 -13th of April,.2006.
           By this occasion, the Ministry of culture (KRG), would be proud to invite you to this
     Commemoration Festival; your attendance will be a great pleasure for us.

     Note:  Transportation, accommodation and other costs will be covered by KRG.

                                                                        Sami shorsh
                                                                   Minster of culture
                                                                   KRG Erbil - lraq

 Objet:        Agenda of Vesitval of Sheik Mahmud (First king of Kurdistan in 1919-1922)
  Date:        Wed, 1 Feb 2006 06:26:29 -0800 (PST)
   De:        hafeed salar <shieksalar@yahoo.com>
    A:        Keller <swissbit@solami.com>

>From Sheik Salar Al-Hafeed
To: Mr. J.A. Keller

Visiting High Ranking Officials:
-Visiting Excellency, the President of the Iraqi
Kurdistan Regional Government and Mr. Nechiravan .
- Listing guests for conducting communications.
-Setting a plan for visiting some significant sites.
- Accommodation will be at Khanzad Hotel.
-Preparing two translators.

April 10th ,2006 will be the arrival date.

April 11th, 2006 will be the first day, which will
cover the following activities:
       Morning session
       Opening Session will be by the master of ceremony
       It starts with the music of National hymn "Ai Raqeeb" with other anthem
       Speech delivered by the supervision committee.
       Speech delivered by Mr . Nechiravan
       Speech delivered by the head of the parliament.
       Family's speech delivered by Mr. Shekh Saler Al-Hafeed
       Slide  and documentary film about the late Shekh Mahmmud Al- Hafeed
       Dramatizing speech about the late Shekh Mahmmud,delivered by Mr. Ahmed Saler
       Afternoon : a banquet
       Evening session:
       A speech about the late Shekh Mahmmud Al-Hafeed from
the western point of views .
       Speeches by foreigner attendants, about the late Shekh Mahmmud Al-Hafeed (10 minutes period for each one ).
       At night : Reception will be at Sheraton Hotel
       April 12th ,2006, will be the second date of the festival and will cover the following activities :
       The Privileged  political situation and the Kurdish question during the time of Shekh Mahmmud Al-Hafeed, speeches delivered by:
       Dr. Ehssan Fua'ad
       Dr. Abdulla Aliyawayi
       Dr. Hogr Mahmmud Barawi
       Dr. Kaywan Azad Hama Rasheed Khan
       At the afternoon :A banquet
       Evening Session
       Interventions  and discussions by
       Mr.Kareem Sharaza     ( 5 min.)
       Abdul Fatah Ali Yahya  (5min.)
       Mr. Rafiq Salih              (5min.)
       Mr. Attah Qaradakhi     (5min.)
       Dr. Hasan Jaff                (5min.)
         April 13th ,2006 ,will be the third date of the festival and includes the following activities :
          Morning Session
       International attitudes towards Kurdish question in the time of  the late Shekh Mahmmud Al-Haffed, speeches will be delivered by :
       Mr. Shekh Saler Al-Hafeed
       Mr. Karrem Sharaza
       Teacher from Sulaimani University
       Teacher from Sallahadeen University (Dr. Abdulla Agreen )
       Miss. Tara  Tahseen Asa'adi
       Evening Session will cover the following activities
       Discussions and evaluation
       Memories of some outstanding figures about the late Shekh Mahmmud Al-Haffed delivered by :
       Mr. Kreem Akha   Hamawand
       Mr.Aji Esmail Zangana
        Jaff Tribe personage
       Note :Dr. Jaber Qadir will be invited too .

   Pleas Send me the name of your friends to invite them (8 Person )
Senserily yours Sheik Salar Al-Hafeed