Curriculum vitae

name: Sheik Salar Mohammad Al-Hafeed
profession: advocate
born: 1946
children: Sarwar, Alain Mohammad, Sara, Saya
POB: Sulaimanyia, Iraqi Kurdistan Region
tel (private): 00964-533235025
mob: 00964-7501114224, -7701912003
address: Sulaimanyia-Toymalek

education: 1969 - 1970 bachelorís degree in law from the Economy and Law College, University of Basra

Internal positions
1974-75    active participation in the Kurdish Liberation Movement, appointment as a judge
1991    liaison between Kurdish Front and UN High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR
since 1992    Founding Member of the Mosul Vilayet Council  (MVC, established on May 15, in Ankara, 1st MVC General Assembly on Oct.20, in Arbil: ¦ .../rebirth.htm ¦ .../UNGA.htm)
1992    co-founder of Mosul Vilayet Red Cross which also sought to assist Palestinian refugees (.../MVRC.htm ¦ .../a33e.htm#MVRC-ICRC ¦ .../palestineinexile.htm)
since 1992    liaison between Mosul Vilayet Council and KDP and PUK
since 1994    2nd MVC General Assembly confirmed appointment as MVC Registrar for Sulaimanyia
1995    good offices functions for obtaining cease-fire in KDP-PUK armed conflict
since 2003    Member of Iraq Tribal Council
2006    organizer of KRG 50th anniversary festivities April, on family ancestor Sheik Mahmoud Al Hafeed, capably assisted by his beloved - and ever since missing - eldest son Sarwar, with leaders in-good-standing of all duly registered political parties of MV participating or represented
since 2009    Member of Iraq Princes Council

External relations
1992    co-originator of "Vivant Sequentes", which lead to Dr.Mohamed Sayed Tantaoui's fundamental  SLM Declaration (.../a31.htm#VIVANT ¦ .../SLM.htm)
since 1992   consultant of the Good Offices Group of European Lawmakers (parallel diplomacy: .../a33a.htm)
1992-94    contributor to United Nations Commission on Human Rights (now: UN Human Rights Council, Geneva; Max van der Stoel, Special Rapporteur for Iraq, John Packer, Assistant to Special Rapporteur; Martin Markoff, Head, Special Affairs) on:
-    "On the Right Against Displacement" (sponsored by Mosul Vilayet Council: .../a32a.htm#displacement)
-    "In the footsteps of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan" (sponsored by IHRAAM:.../a32a.htm#AgaKhan)
1995    Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva of the International Committee for European Security and Co-operation (.../ICESC.htm)
2000     co-sponsor of oil-for-education Plato Project (.../PLATO.htm)
2008     co-initiator of MOU on Iraqi-Turkish border issues (PKK, water, etc.: .../mou.htm)
2008     MVC Delegate to preparatory Istanbul meeting (.../istanbulstatement.jpg) of Jordan conference of Iraqi Arabs, Assyrians, Kurds and Turkomans regarding landownership questions (raised with Aldeeb's "Common goods in Islamic and Arab law - Question of fire (oil)": .../aldeeb08.htm)
2010     co-initiator of Iraq Resources Company IRC (.../IRC.htm)