Dear colleague,

In the best of British maecenas traditions, Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise challenged the lateral thinkers of today to come up with a plan providing for the "orderly exit of one or more member states from the European Monetary Union" (Policy Echange press release). The good Lord is offering a reward of £250.000 for the most appealing plan to save the world from disaster - appealing to the prize "panel of leading academic economists" that is, regardless of whether it will really make a dent on the disaster many of the same guys have probably contributed to. With those handling the related paperwork at the London-based think tank Policy Exchange - tellingly and with foreseeable results - having already weighed in to seemingly limit those who may apply to "top academic economists" by specifying issues which seem somewhat relevant but not really decisive.

At least some participants of a recent blog by Markus Diem Meier ("Die Fehlanalyse in Bildern", Tages-Anzeiger, 27.9.11), namely Artie, Andres and your loyal servant would probably agree neither with the research emphasis thus outlined nor with the profile of the super-econometrician thus looked for. Yet, the task of preventing the €-zone from falling - and drawing most of us - into a black hole, and instead getting back on its keel, is indeed both formidable and urgent. But gesticulations notwithstanding, it cannot be accomplished with magnetic compasses while the magnetic field - i.e. the disciplinary mooring of our currencies in real values - has disappeared.

As reader of and contributor to related studies published in the last some 15 years under - the last two also published in the WSJ, NYT, FT, Economist etc.: "Banks AND the real economy may need a firewall against fiat money" ( and "We better throw away our broken compass!" (.../iconoc.htm#compass) -, you're thus cordially invited to consider and eventually support an approach which radically differs from the mainstream propositions currently in circulation. In a nutshell:

1.    Convert the IRS' hidden and unconstitutional global $500 bn/y (estim.) money laundering machine - QI and its upcoming super-QI complement FATCA - into a global all-members-equitably-benefitting coopoerative, perhaps under BIS or IMF control.

2.    Strengthen the back of citizens everywhere, and help him/her to recognise, assert and apply him/herself as the sovereign, particularly in his/her relations with the authorities here and there (translation for the Swiss audience: reconvert to exclusive allies and fiducieries of citizens all those who have gone astray by losing their mooring, memory-where-they-came-from, and orientation, notably the IRS' QI agents).

3.    Create politically well-connected private and cooperative banks in Switzerland who - supported by maecenas and other visionary sovereign citizens - will effectively see to it that, for generations to come,
-  Switzerland's obliging banking traditions will be upheld, strengthened and developed,
-  lowerings of bilateral criminal and administrative assistance standards will be prevented ("Mettre en œuvre «Rubik», le casse-tête des banquiers") and possibly reversed, and
-  betrayed clients will be assisted in their own country - beyond the call of duty (motion 10.4069).
(e.g.: in cooperation with solidary diaspora Greeks and members of Grece's civil society, all acting volontarily, a local content-oriented complementary currency - e.g. Nomos - would be developed and co-financed with the objective to rapidly mobilise and put to Nomos-paid work the locally idle productive forces by way of suitable infrastructure, education & training, cadaster and related works and 5% micro-loans: .../outofthebox.htm).

So, what's your take and, in the event, will you lend a hand? E.g. by calling a Greek friend who might be interested - and who may want to remain anonymous by having his banker contact us? Salve!

Anton Keller    url: