Hay Alwozarah - Arbil, Mosul Vilayet
November 18, 2004
Office of the Permanent Representative
to the international organizations
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Anton Keller, Adviser

objective: reversing Iraq’s metastasis by way of the Mosul Vilayet

Your Excellency,

We appreciate the significant opportunities offered by the conference at Sharm-el-Sheik to redirect developments in favor of regional stability and Iraq’s security, cohesion and reconstruction. The UN Trusteeship System may be adapted to serve this purpose, providing for an early resolution of the security and foreign forces problems - with decisive internal and external support at that.

The Mosul Vilayet Council, constituted in 1992, consists of the duly elected leaders of all ethnic, religious & cultural communities, political parties and professional associations of the Mosul Vilayet (Northern Iraq, see map). It is based on the international minority and private property guarantees written into the still fully binding constitutive Declaration of the Government of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30 May 1932 ( Until 1994 the Council was joined by most of the educated people of Arab, Armenian, Assyrian, Kurdish, Turkoman and Yezidi origins, and by many Arab tribes that were outside of the reach of the Saddam Hussein regime - as did most of the political parties, religious groups and numerous wise people from every corner and community in the Mosul Vilayet. After the fall of the oppressive regime, the Council established cooperation with the remaining communities and tribes in this area. It might thus be said that the Council today consists of, and represents key members of all ethnical, religious & cultural communities, tribes and political parties in the territory. With a view to stabilize the community from within and to provide the legitimacy for the central government from the roots upwards, we are now preparing again what we originally planned to do last May, i.e. to hold possibly next January an Extraordinary General Assembly with a corresponding agenda (.../unity.htm ¦ .../invitation.htm). As an instrument of stability for all of Iraq it may inspire the Iraqis living in the Bagdad and the Basra Vilayets to pursue similar steps (.../recres.htm).

Structured as it is, and unmistakably relying on tribal traditions for both security and cohesion, the Mosul Vilayet Council is seen to be uniquely suited for providing effective political leadership and for addressing the communities’ immediate and long-term concerns in the economic, educational and other communal fields. Breaking with the past formula of either active or passive oppression and, instead, providing each community with full participatory rights and responsibilities, will require individual confidence, mutual respect and a political cooperation culture which needs time to grow. Given Iraq society’s still festering wounds from the Ottoman Empire breakup and from more recent experiences, a particular external and internal framework appears to be indispensable for all these deep wounds to effectively and lastingly heal.

On this background, the Council has been advised on the feasability (.../opinion.htm), and – in 1992 - it decided to seek to bring the full potential of the United Nations Charter to fruition in favor of all Mosul Vilayet inhabitants. Concretely, the Council is in the process to submit for consideration and adoption by the communities represented through its members a corresponding reconciliation resolution titled "We, the Iraqi People of the Mosul Vilayet" (.../trusteeship.htm). On this pathway, and subject to ratification by the Mosul Vilayet Council, Iraq’s national government is planned to be legitimized, authorized and directed to negotiate the trusteeship agreement with the United Nations as provided for in article 76ff of the UN Charter. Under this UN healing foam carpet, the political, economic, social and educational advancement of, in the event, part or all of the sovereign people of Iraq is thus to be secured. And, within some 10 years, Iraq is to regain its genuine independence without ever loosing its status as a full member of the United Nations.

We strongly believe that this is the right way to go forward. The Sunnis’ loss of political power and their apprehensions concerning a possible backlash and revenge by their Shiite brethren may effectively be overcome with their participation in the Mosul Vilayet Council work under a UN roof. The Shiite’s concerns for making sure that they will never again be subjugated by the Sunni minority may also be addressed to their satisfaction under a UN Trusteeship Administration, i.e. without the planned, yet widely contested and potentially back-firing early elections. The Iraqi Arabs’ concerns that the Iraqi Kurds may "get out of Iraq and take the family silver with them" will prove baseless as Kurdish leaders, originally, were in the vanguard to call for the Mosul Vilayet’s separation from Iraq but now, with their authorship of the Reconciliation Resolution(.../silverbullet.htm ¦ .../recres.htm), are in the forefront for stabilizing the whole of Iraq by discouraging all efforts to separate from Iraq. And the Turkoman, under the Mosul Vilayet plans, are in an equally unique win-win situation, providing even a Turkoman for heading the not least politically important Kirkuk Registry (.../registrars.htm).

We can thus drain the swamp which is breeding inhumanity, terrorism and regional instability, and prevent the further massive loss of lives & the distruction of Irak, its national heritage & wealth. We can create the conditions for prompt reconstruction of Iraq, and for the free flow of export of oil which is in the interest of the Iraqi people as well as in that of the countries dependent on energy. We can best provide for the establishment of democratic institutions and practices in all of Iraq through free participation of all Iraqis without discrimination based on ethnic, religious, sex, etc. And we can provide for real protection of private property and individual pursuit of happiness.

This solution will offer to the Mosul Vilayet’s constituent ethnic, religious & cultural communities the necessary time & conditions for
a) stabilisation of the situation,
b) reconstruction of the country,
c) development of the cooperative political culture which is indispensable for democracy to take hold and,
d) creation and practicing of the indicated constitutional acts and institutions through free participation of the Iraqi people and in line with their customs and traditional structures. Experts of the UN, countries experienced in building democratic institutions, and people historically close to Iraq, like the Palestinians, shall be welcome to assist the Iraqis not only in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure & institutions, but in helping in the educational field to recover Iraq’s lost generations (.../PLATO.htm).

To this end we are soliciting the support of interested governments, governmental organizations and NGOs both inside and outside of Iraq. And we have taken note of corresponding efforts by involved communities, including the Amsterdam Resolution which, under the leadership of the Assyrian Universal Alliance comprising both the Assyrians in Iraq and in the diaspora (.../assyriansawake.htm),inter alia, called for

fulfilling "the all-too-long neglected international minority and property rights conditions which the international community had enshrined into Iraq's basic laws",
inviting "Member States of the UN General Assembly to see to it ... that, in accordance with its own Resolution 24 (I) of 12 February 1946 (.../UNGA.htm#1946), the UN Trusteeship Council, or another suitable UN body, be charged with the exercise of functions or powers entrusted to the League of Nations by virtue of the Declaration of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30 May 1932(.../UNGA.htm#1932)" and
inviting "the representatives of the Arab, Kurdish, Turkomen and other constitutive parts of Iraq's multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-language society to jointly explore suitable avenues for contributing to the regional stability as well as to the internal and external security, e.g. by creating a Truth Commission for examining and overcoming the effects of Iraq's recent past."
We trust the above observations & requests to draw your benevolent attention & consideration. We shall be happy to attend to whatever question you may have. And we take this opportunity to assure Your Excellency of our highest consideration.

Anton Keller, Adviser & Permanent Representative

enclosure: Mosul Vilayet map (.../mvc.htm)
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