Office of the Secretary-General
          Hay Alwozarah - Arbil, Mosul Vilayet                                                 November 2004
Office of the Permanent Representative
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Notification of the Extraordinary General Assembly

We're pleased to notify you of the Mosul Vilayet Council's Extraordinary General Assembly (probably next January in Arbil).  In the runup to this assembly, we'd like to take into consideration your views on the related documents.  As in 19/20 October 92 & 9 April 95, those entrusted with executive responsibilities will review their activities, present an outlook on what they see as laying ahead of us, and submit for consideration & approval a set of recommendations on how to go forward in this radically changed environment.  For the hyperlinked program outline, see:; here's the draft agenda:
  1.    blessings from representatives of the Mosul Vilayet's religious communities
  2.    welcome address by the MVC Registrar and Keeper of Records, Najim Sourchi
  3.    election of the Chairman, two co-Chairmen and three ballot counters
  4.    adoption of the agenda
  5.    activities reports by Najim Sourchi, Sheik Salar, Mohamed Sidiq Mahmoud & Anton Keller
  6.    reading & adoption of revised MVC Statutes, Solidarity & Vivant Sequentes declarations
  7.    presentation of new candidates and their election to the rank of MVC member
  8.    election of MVC Secretary General
  9.    presentation & election of candidates for the Council's Executive Committee (CEC)
  10.  presentation & election of candidates for the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC)
  11.  presentation & adoption of Action Plan: on relations with the Iraqi Interim Government,
         as defined in the draft resolutions "We, the Iraqi People" (,
         and "We, the Iraqi People of the Mosul Vilayet" (,
         on setting up & administring MVC Registries in, and electing Registrars & Deputies for
         Arbil, Dohuk, Khanaquin, Kirkuk, Mosul, Suleimanyia, Singar & Sharq (.../registrars.htm)
         for the administration of cantons under a UN Trusteeship Agreement which is to provide
         for equitable power sharing by all constituent tribes & communities of the Mosul Vilayet &
         on related proposals concerning MVC sister councils in the Baghdad & the Basra Vilayets
  12.  fixing & securing budgets for MVC Registries, CEC, TRC & MVC offices locally & in Geneva
  13.  co-sponsorship of SLM Center, participation in Reconciliation Trees planting ceremony
  14.  varia, closure of the Extraordinary General Assembly
Members of the Good Offices Group of European Lawmakers & other foreign dignitaries have accepted our invitation to serve as observers of our landmark General Assembly.  The Reconciliation Resolutions thus submitted for adoption by the traditionnally legitimized representatives of all ethnic, religious & other constituent communities of Iraq is intended to break ground for a nationally & regionally stabilizing solution at least for the Mosul Vilayet.  To this effect, the Iraqi Interim Government is to be legitimized, both internally & externally.  The Resolutions provide for a non-prejudicial generally stabilizing 20-year UN Trusteeship which is to be followed by an organic transfer of power in line with the principles enshrined in the UN Charter.  Security is to be re-established promptly primarily through Iraq's re-strengthened tribal and other constituent communities.  Your strong support is solicited.  Salve!

Anton Keller, MVC Adviser & Permanent Representative 

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