Is an Arab money stampede into Switzerland in the offing?
Probability: ~60%! Why? even Atomic Scientists' doomsday clock
was recently advanced from 7 to 5 min to 12pm

Geneva, 21.2.07 - Here's a follow-up to our recent exchange on the likelihood of an imminent US/Israeli attack on Iran and what, in the event, such a development would have on the financial market - Switzerland's in particular.

1.    Today, the UN's deadline passes for compliance with its SC resolution on suspension of Iran's enrichment activities. Even if the - initially Bern-sabotaged - Swiss good office avenues were finally put to fruition, the persistently loosing gamblers at the top of the US and the Israeli power hierarchy are seen to be either incapable or unwilling to recognize and come out of their denial mode and thus to abandon the symptomatic Befreiungsschlag mindset. And though the growing saber-rattling may, in Washington, reflect a genuine intention and belief to be able to impress US world-visions on the Iranian leadership without military means, publicly pushing the plan to open up a third, an Iranian war front, is quickly approaching the point of no-return, of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Today's announcement of imminent British and Danish troop withdrawals from Iraq is seen more to reflect than to stand in the way of this development - as is the latest US troop surge and the rush construction of a secret US base along the strategic Baghdad-Teheran road near Khanaqin in the Diyala province. All of which have only for the blue-eyed, faint-hearted and wishful thinkers anything to do with the publicly proclaimed objective of "securing Baghdad".
2.    Most observers concur that an attack on Iran - be it with nuclear, depleted uranium or conventional weapons - could not be justified on the grounds advanced so far. Militarily, such a course of action is generally seen to be an excessively dangerous path entailing the potential for an imminent global security and economic disaster.
3.    Politically, the lame-duck US President would want to push the Iran war plans back until the last moment of his presidency. This in order, if it succeeds, to positively influence the next presidential elections and, if it fails, to shift the burden of the disaster on the democrats and thus to spoil their otherwise probable 16-year reign. But that ignores the current and the evolving Israeli political landscape, with the country's leadership severely weakened by scandals and military fumblings, and with elections, at least for the Presidency, only months away. Their apparent aim: "degrading" Iran better today than tomorrow. Recent official declarations on Israel's nuclear weapon status, and on the "existential threat" Iran's uranium enrichment program allegedly poses to Israel's security, all add up to an alarming, Masada-type reasoning at high levels. This is mixed with a self-deluding win-win mindset associated with early actions and a disquieting confidence at one's capability - once the attack begun with bombers perhaps using false-flags - to successfully and promptly force the hands of the US president.
4.    The probability for a large-scale military conflagration in the Middle East to occur in the time frame between tomorrow and end of April 2007 is thus seen to be in the neighborhood of 60%.
5.    Such a development is likely to unleash a stampede out of the dollar, particularly from Mideastern citizens, and into Switzerland which - contrary to such refuges as Singapour - has a significant, territorial-based and population-supported real economy. Negative-interest memories come alive. On the upside, and for the short term, Switzerland could be recognized universally as a genuine and mutually beneficial bullwark against the vagaries of time and, as such, might be less vulnerable to reckless external pressures and internal cave-ins in favor of US interests. Unless, of course, our chances as a competently governed sovereign country are again fumbled, e.g. on the current occasion to formulate appropriate financial surveillance norms and credible barriers against self-damaging and undignified legal assistance arrangements - regardless of the latest fashionable fig-leaves invoked ( ¦ .../finma.htm) ¦ .../diamantball.htm).

Iran ante portas
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