Your Excellency, dear colleague,

Between April 15-25, I was privileged to meet again old friends and acquaintances in Arbil, Dokan, Sulaimanyia, and Kirkuk. They included governing and opposition party leaders and members of the organising committee of the protest movement. Sheik Salar Al Hafeed, my colleagues from the Turkish think tank Ekopolitik ( and I were thus able to present our background and plans for one or more possible follow-up meetings aimed at regionally stabilizing steps and mutually helpful road-holding measures based on existing national and international minority and private property protection guarantees and obligations. And we learned from you first-hand
-    how government representatives and opposition politicians and demonstration leaders analyse the evolving political situation,
-    which key demands have been formulated, upheld and responded to, and which are yet to be received,
-    what is now expected from the current power holders and what are they prepared to discuss,
-    how things may play out in which time frame, and
-    what you expect from us in our capacity as desinterested neutral outsiders and NGOs.

For me, it was a pleasure to meet you again in good health and spirit and with an open mind. I've long given up hope for things to move in a direction worthy of the Iraqi people's great past. And it was only when your youth came out unmistakably in support of fundamental changes that I felt it may be time for getting involved again. The brief preparatory discussions Sheik Salar had arranged on short notice were most instructive to me in particular. And we are all looking forward to further discussions, be it at said meeting in May and/or later. Also, we've been wondering whether the documents I've left with you (notably: .../ashureu.htm, .../youth.htm and .../iraqsecurity.htm) have been circulated and discussed among your colleagues, and what the upshots have been.

We've continued to reflect on the highly appreciated different inputs from your side - and have actually incorporated most of the material we became aware of in our bibliography: and, notably in our - still strictly confidential - draft declaration for resolving in particular the burning Kirkuk issue by way of the proposed Mosul Vilayet Senate (.../senate.doc).

Meanwhile, I understand the peshmerga forces from the KDP and PUK - complemented by troops sent from Baghdad - to have physically overwhelmed and subdued the protest movement with sheer manpower, water canons and tear gas, and many arrests to have taken place. I'm grateful for the prompt release of most of them, but at the same time, I'm very concerned about these developments. As in the past, they will not fail to affect the way I will look at things. And they will influence my decisions on whether and to what extend I will continue to invest my remaining time and resources in the related causes. Accordingly, and in light of current preparations for the upcoming meeting - scheduled for May 28/29 in Arbil (.../workshop2.doc) - I'm thus looking for prompt and reliable information on the fate notably of these still arrested leaders of and participants in the protest movement (name, charges against them, arrest date, arrest venue, held by which service). And I thus solicit, and thank you in advance for your personal support for the prompt and foreward-looking settlement of these cases. In the event, I will personally see to it that the cases thus brought to my attention will be properly attended to by the responsible authorities.

Salve! And with best wishes for your health,

Anton Keller, Secretary, Good Offices Group of European Lawmakers
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29.8.11   23.50
On the background of anti-KRG military developments in the Dohuk area, Dosky - a leader of an Islamic party in Northern Iraq - called me tonight for assistance to get in contact with a high-level Israeli official (apparently his previous contacts are not currently accessible from his tel). He wants me to indicate urgently tel nrs he can helpfully contact. His call didn't register the nr from which he called, and I have only his email address:
Pls advise.

PS: I still have no confirmation that President Peres received my letter of 7/22/11 (