The Iraqi Government recognizes its sovereign responsibilities to reliably, promptly and fully enforce the conditions laid down in the Turkish-Iraqi Treaty of Friendship and Neighborly Relations of 29 March 1946 (, and to provide proper compensation notably for its past failures to do so.

The Turkish Government has taken note of the invitation of 15 May 1992 (.../a31.htm), which some Iraqi citizens have addressed to it on the basis of Iraq’s constitutive Declaration of 30 May 1932 (.../a3a.htm) "to avail itself of the good offices which the Mosul Vilayet Council may be able to provide towards an early cease-fire and a mutually advantageous lasting solution of Turkey's ‘Kurdish Question’".

Those responsible for the above invitation are thus invited to serve as mediators, to assist the Iraqi authorities in the fulfillment of their related treaty obligations, in particular those concerning the border issues, and to submit for consideration by the signatory governments such proposals which may facilitate the achievement of the objectives of said internationally binding agreements as well as of this Memorandum of Understanding, including proposals for damage compensations, effective border and border zone controls, for resolving overlapping land claims of members of Iraq’ constitutive communities, and on questions related to the mutually beneficial sharing of the benefits of water development works among riparian states. Unless otherwise agreed, the Iraqi Government bears the costs of these mediation efforts.