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Appeal in memory of unheeded 1st of August promises
Do you want a more dignified policy in the national interest?
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Schweizerische Interessen, NZZ-Inserat, Trumpf Buur, 26.3.88

Betrayal of principles, bank customers and players in the Swiss financial market? Securing the future through naivety and the principle of hope? More standing-in-attention - on the knees, that is - in front of foreign black-mailers, eg U.S. tax authorities, and now even in the face of international bureaucrats? More treaties promoting state fencing (use of stolen data CDs)? Treaties turning the citizens' trustees and allies against overbearing officials into agents and vassals of foreign tax authorities? Failing to stop mutually harmful administrative assistance based on group requests by failing to exercise Swiss veto rights at the OECD and, the next day, pretending to want to maintain the requirement of nominative requests? etc.

Instead of making a punch in the pocket:
Participate in the Tribunal of Public Salvation!

Egyptians would say: Challas!  Valaisans: Until here and no further!
All too often we are faced with intolerable violations of civil rights, with dereliction of public duties, and with monkey white money talk of Pharisees and their servants whose major concern is growingly less their clients' interests but their self-protection. Neither the Federal Tribunal nor our parliamentarians - themselves often side-lined by myopic bureaucrats - have been able to maintain the rule of law and to prevent damage to our vital interests, thus violating even their own oath of office. The time has thus come for the citizens to flip up the YELLOW CARD and "to indicate where the Bartli is to get the cider from."
The voting rules 
1. One person one vote, to be cast by email or, anonymously, as shown nearby. 
2. Anyone in favor votes YES (if you prefer by email to: 
3. Anyone who opposes votes NO (if you prefer by email to: 
4. distribute by facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. 
5. Consultation guaranteed by the Constitution (right to petition, art. 33 Cst.). 
6. Responsible for this Tribunal of public salvation: Anton Keller, Secretary, 
Swiss Investors Protection Association, 1211 Geneva 2 -

Faced with the malice of time, it is necessary to act intelligently. This applies to the Federal Council, the Federal Assembly but also to the Federal Courts. Everyone is asked to review his own actions and omissions particularly with regard to developments abroad (QI, FATCA, etc.) in light of his responsibilities to the national heritage entrusted to all of us, to the Federal Constitution, and to his oath of office.

Abstract: In this way you can resonantly raise your voice FOR or AGAINST more spoiling of the national heritage, more unilateral and sometimes unique concessions, and more damage to our interests. The apparent diplomatic treason by neglect (art.267 of the Penal Code) must not be taken lightly: it is also a breach of the oath of office. Laissez-faire is no longer in line with the traditionally practiced near-perfection of mediocrity: it undermines our future by neglect and incompetence. And it would constitute a contempt, even the opposite of our Constitution's guiding principle which, farsightedly, was devised by Adolf Muschg and which inspired our first mother Helvetia for her philippika "Free only remain those who make good use of their freedom"  (NZZ, 03/05/12:

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