Iraq Princes Council

10 Jan 10   Answer to His Majesty, Prince Abdul Jabar Beigg Al-Hathal
16 Nov 09   Princely Association Statement (rcd: 3 Jan 10)

Your Majesty, Prince Abdul Jabar Beigg Al-Hathal,

Greetings. This is to present my compliments, to express my appreciation for your New Year wishes, and to extend in return my own best health and other wishes for a better New Year to Your Excellency and his family.

I have taken careful note of the "Princely Association Statement" of November 16, 2008 (, which Your Excellency took care to bring to my attention both directly and by way of the good offices of my long-time dear friend and comrade-in-arms, Sheik Salar Al-Hafeed. It is a remarkable statement in many ways, and if I were able to read it in its original Arabic - which, unfortunately, is beyond my grasp - I would probably be even more impressed by the beauty of its language. As to its substance, I appreciate in particular the fact that Your Excellency has focused his efforts on the mostly tribal roots of Iraq's society and succeded to bring under one roof "172 princes of great tribes", while at the same time showing respect for all of Iraq's constitutive ethnical and religious communities, notably for the Arabs, Assyrians, Christians, Kurds, Sabeans, Shabaks, Turkmans and Yezidis. In this, I find confirmed and comforted all those Iraqi tribe and other community leaders who, since 1992, have formally subscribed to the on-going efforts to bring to fruition what, on the occasion of Iraq's independence in 1932, the international community laid down as Iraq's basic law, namely its still valid and internationally guaranteed minority and private property protection Declaration of 30 May 1932 (

I understand the Iraq Tribes Princes Council to be concerned with all of Iraq. In contrast, and as is the case with other entities and regional governments, the Mosul Vilayet Council (MVC: has been set up on the basis of said 1932 Declaration in order to address reconciliation, reconstruction, economic, cultural and other matters involving the constituant communities of the Mosul Vilayet territory (Northern Iraq). For illustration, reference may be made to our work on the landownership debate (, on the petroleum ownership question (, and on the devisive Kirkuk controversies ( But also to our determined global-reach efforts to help resolve the apparently politically motivated kidnapping of a member of Sheik Salar's family ( As its Adviser (, I cannot, of course, speak for our Council but, in the event, would be glad to attend to your eventual observations on these or other priority issues, and to bring to the Council's attention such matters which Your Excellency may consider proper and indicated under the circumstances. Accordingly, I take pleasure inviting Your Excellency to consider related steps, including a personal meeting at a date and place of mutual convenience.

Trusting this to be of interest, I take this opportunity to assure Your Excellency of my highest considerations and remain, sincerely yours,

Anton Keller, Adviser of the Mosul Vilayet Council
Permanent Representative to the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies
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