Invitation to nominate the Registrars for Dohuk, Khanaquin, Kirkuk, Mosul, Singar and Sharqat,
to nominate or reconfirm the appointments of the Registrars for Arbil and Suleimanyia, and
to nominate the Deputy Registrars for Arbil, Dohuk, Khanaquin, Kirkuk, Mosul, Suleimanyia, Singar and Sharqat

While an all-Iraqi "Governing Council" of 25 personalities (dominated by Shiites and former exiles) has been set up and groomed in Baghdad with Coalition-controlled "limited responsibilities and powers" for all of Iraq, the 1992-elected Mosul Vilayet Registrar and Keeper of Records, Najim Khedher al Sourchi, is currently laboring on the organizational, the reconciliation and the down-to-earth daily administrative tasks.  Thereby, he is particularly concerned with giving concrete meaning to the internationally recognized rights and legitimate interests of the constituant communities of the Mosul Vilayet (  And he is currently consulting with and calling on the leaders of the Mosul Vilayet’s Arab, Assyrian (.../assyriansawake.htm), Kurdish, Turkoman and Yezidi communities to each nominate from among themselves their most influential, competent and teamwork-capable personalities for serving as Registrar or Deputy Registrar.  Thereby, the Registries of Dohuk and Khanaquin are suggested to be headed traditionally by a townsperson as nominated by agreed representatives of former or current Dohuk and Khanaquin residents respectively, that of Kirkuk by a Turkoman, that of Mosul by an Assyrian, that of Singar by a Yezidi, that of Sharqat by an Arab, and those of Arbil and Suleimanyia by Kurds, with each Registry being assisted with, as a rule, 4 Deputy Registrars of the corresponding ethnic communities.  Subject to the approval, protection and support by the competent authorities, and in line with his mandate to represent the Mosul Vilayet Council abroad, the undersigned intends to set up and operate the Geneva Registry which is to facilitate the reconstruction, recovery and development of the Mosul Vilayet, including travel, student exchange (.../PLATO.htm) and banking facilities.

A specially-to-be-held general assembly of the Mosul Vilayet Council (.../a31.htm) is to endorse these nominations as soon as possible, and - in consultation, coordination and cooperation with the authorities in Baghdad – to exercise the responsibilities incumbent on and currently attributed to the MV Registry:

"the General Registry of the Mosul Vilayet (MVR) which, as the special emergency agency, is to provide for the humanitarian and development programs in the fields of security (de-mining, [police,] armed forces), political (census, elections, parties, associations), economic (real estate registry, distribution of foreign relief, [licences]), civil (citizenship, residency) and cultural structures (protection of national monuments); its headquarters in Arbil and its branch offices in [Dohuk, Khanaquin, Kirkuk, Mosul, Singar, Sharqat and] Suleimanyia shall be headed by Registrars [who shall be nominated by the Mosul Vilayet's constituant ethnic communities, with the Registrars of Arbil and Suleimanyia already confirmed in 1994 by the MVC]" (.../a31.htm#MVR).
Please consult with your community leaders, organize the corresponding authoritative nomination process in accordance with your own rules and traditions, and see to it that Najim Khedher al Sourchi (+447043123714; and the undersigned ( will be duly notified of, and be able to attend as observers, the nomination conference, and formally receive as soon as possible the name and curriculum vitae of those thus nominated.
Geneva, 25 September 2003 (rev.8)

Anton Keller, Adviser and Permanent Representative of the Mosul Vilayet Council
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