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In the name of God, the Almighty, amen.

The undersigned duly authorized Representatives of the Mosul Vilayet Council which equitably, traditionally and authentically represents the ethnic, religious and other constituant communities of the Mosul Vilayet, including the Diyala Province,

desirous to provide for all residents of the Mosul Vilayet the security and other conditions which are indispensable for the individual and joint enjoyment of their rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Charter and such other applicable texts as the Declaration of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30th May 1932,

appreciating the efforts made to that effect notably by members of the League of Nations, the United Nations and, more recently, the Coalition which helped to liberate the people of Iraq from an oppressive regime which acted more for its own interests than for those of the people it was to serve,

recognizing the urgent need for extraordinary political measures, to be taken promptly both internally and externally, if Iraq's integrity and full national sovereignty in reality is to be regained, maintained and strengthened, and regional stability, security and peace is not to be threatened, as might be the case if either a manipulated or the free flow of things would lead to conditions were only another iron claw regime might prevent an uncontrolled break-up of Iraq,

inspired notably by Switzerland's time-tested rejection of "foreign judges", its universally appreciated permanent armed neutrality, and its 500 year old organically grown political culture of power-sharing, cooperation and solidarity, including active recognition, respect for and protection of religious, language and national minorities,

pursuing further the principles, visions and objectives which have been the cornerstones of the fundamental declarations the Mosul Vilayet Council has adopted since 1992 with due regard to Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity,

appreciating Iraq's unique and vast heritage to emmanate from its internationally protected constituant ethnic, religious and cultural communities which, in the past, have produced fundamental contributions to civilization and which, given the chance, may do so again in the future,

recognizing the need for Iraq's multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-linguistic civil society to be afforded an extended period of time for effectively and lastingly healing its deep wounds,

drawing inspiration from the helpful roles played by the International Court of Justice in the disengagement of South Africa from Southwest Africa and, more recently, by the United Nations in the concretization of the principle of self-determination in the case of the people of East Timor,


1.    recognize the Iraqi Interim Government as the legitimate national government of Iraq in as much as it is exclusively incumbent on Iraq's citizens to bestow such legitimacy, and to assist it in its executive tasks with such directives as may be indicated by the circumstances, be it by way of the duly constituted councils of the Baghdad, Basra and Mosul Vilayets or, in due time, by way of such elections as provided for by Iraq's future Constitution and the corresponding laws,

2.    authorize the Iraqi Interim Government to conduct such negotiations which will enable Iraq to regain its full national sovereignty as soon as possible and under such conditions which are compatible with its national dignity, security and interests, with its international obligations, notably those arising under the Declaration of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30 May 1932, as well as with its status as a sovereign member of the United Nations,

3.    request the Iraqi Interim Government, in as much as the Mosul Vilayet is concerned:
a)    to enter into negotiations with a view to entrust the United Nations, at the earliest possible date and for 20 years, with the administration of the Mosul Vilayet in accordance with the applicable provisions of the United Nations Charter, notably its article 77 al.1c,
b)    to submit the trusteeship or similar agreements thus worked out to the Mosul Vilayet Council for prompt consideration and ratification,
c)    to desist in interfering in the internal affairs of the Mosul Vilayet on any level and in any way, form or shape, except as provided for in this Resolution, and the Trusteeship Agreements with the United Nations thus called for and eventually brought into effective play,
d)    to examine forthwith all past and future Iraqi laws with a view to assure their compatibility with the rights and oligations entered into notably with the Declaration of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30 May 1932 and, on the date when Iraq will have regained its full sovereignty or later in the cases of new laws, to sovereignly re-enact or enact those national law parts which strictly meet this minimum standard, with those laws and regulations not acted upon accordingly being left for the Iraqi judiciary to determine their partial or full validity,
e)    to initiate procedures under the United Nations Charter for the International Court of Justice to render an advisory opinion as to whether and, in the event, to what extent the minority protection and private property guarantees written into the Declaration of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30 May 1932 are still valid,
f)    to initiate procedures at the United Nations General Assembly, under its Resolution 24 (I) of February 12, 1946 concerning the transfer of functions and powers of the League of Nations to the United Nations, with a view to obtain an early decision on the UN institution which may effectively be addressed by victims of violations of internationally guaranteed rights stipulated by the Declaration of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30 May 1932,
g)    to provide an annual State of the Nation Report, detailing also its efforts to strengthen the tribal structures as a means to enhance security and respect for law and order in all parts of Iraq, to recover the "lost generation" of Iraqi youth by having students sent abroad for studies and training, to promote the development of a mutually respectful, constructive and citizen-strengthening political culture of consensus-building and cooperation by encouraging the development of Swiss-style cantons in all of Iraq, to strengthen Iraq's civil society in other helpful ways, to do away with highway potholes, etc.,
h)    to mobilize and tap the internal and external goodwill and other available resources for addressing tasks eventually delegated to and incumbent on the central government in such areas as national security, national currency, export policies, standard-setting (for cadastre-building, census-taking, etc.), for promptly rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure and educational system, for clearing Iraq's landscape from the debris and vestiges of war, and for reforestation and rehabilitation of its agricultural areas, including help which may be provided by volonteers from Palestine, etc.,
i)    to effectively provide for early and lasting reconciliation measures, such as setting up and promoting, on the national level, a South African-inspired Truth & Reconciliation Commission as a possible complement, if not an alternative, to criminal procecutions and social ostracisms, and
j)    to faithfully execute, and regularly report back to the Mosul Vilayet Council, on these and other directives which, upon proper consultations, the Council may issue in the future either individually or jointly with corresponding bodies of Iraq's other vilayets; and

4.    call on all governments concerned to contribute to the early realization of the objectives detailed in this resolution and, to this effect, to "take such measures and give such directions as it may deem proper and effective in the circumstances."